James Marks ( Cyb3rz3r0 )

Hello! I am the guy behind most of the activity here also most likley the guy to work on your project at M3S. Creator of ARC3DVR Social Browser.. Been programming since I was 6 years old if you are not happy with my work niether am I!

Timothy Seabus ( Taftse )

Working in schools and IT industry for many years. The guy that can make 1 million client to server connections possible on a single server. Created original netcode for ARC3DVR Anubis

Nathan Stohr ( DarkShadow )

Behind the scenes at M3S this guy keeps the servers online and the work flowing important to the growth of this company.

Nancy Lee ( Ast3r1a )

Advises programmers on designs and overall usability of applications.

This could be you!

We are not currently hiring however will be in the coming months. Please check back here if there isn't a careers page

This section will evolve in coming months with social media information... If you need to contact a member of the team use the company contact form we all can see who reaches out to us there!