Our mission at Mach III Software LLC is creating fast applications with ingenuity, innovation and creativity.

Lead Programmer James "Cyb3rz3r0" Marks

Our Company History


Description automatically generatedStarted in 1998 as a hobby with a few friends of mine the idea was to create a place we could share ideas and inspire others to learn more about computers. Known as X32 Development back then we did not offer paid services because we were all young and learning. A lot of the projects we did were free consisted of Game Mods, Clan/Faction Websites and Windows applications we made to simplify how we used computers.


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Description automatically generatedAs time went on and the team pretty much dissolved most went to college. I began working on rebranding our group to X32 Developers which happen in 2001. The idea this time was research and development of next gen ideas that could be developed by myself and learned from.


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Description automatically generated with medium confidenceDuring that time digg.com was popular, I created an app in my spare time called “Who’s Connected” was a simple TCP/IP netstat viewer in Visual Basic 6. Instant hit had 55K downloads in 3 hours crashed my server, trended at #1 on digg.com for 2 weeks and was mentioned on “Call for Help” on TechTV/InfoNet.


By 2004 a lot of the work I produced for insurance companies and private companies was still in use. Decided I should attempt an internet site to accommodate my work and others should they want the help or internet presence. After 3 weeks of name choosing decided StarArc Studios would be the name. That is when life started to get rough and could not afford nor had confidence to start the business. After 4 years of doing nothing but working on a project called ARCtic Blue.




Description automatically generatedNeeded a new name a new logo and most importantly something that does not have an identity crisis. 2008 I rebranded ARCtic Blue to ARC3D/VR and called my future company Mach III Software. The idea was id work my normal job + do computer work and use the money I earned to build my own applications out. Unfortunately it sounded better on paper then it worked in real life.


Found myself working long days and burning out. Then Covid19 hit and suddenly was unable to work and when I finally thought I found the job that could help me achieve my goals it went sideways. Took the little bit of money I did save and Mach III Software become Mach III Software LLC now is my full time job.


Question: Does X32 Developers still exist today?

Answer: Yes, it does. It’s the main catalyst behind Mach III Software applications. Research is as vital as the development itself.

Question: How long have you been building ARC3D including Conceptual versions of the idea?

Answer: About 16 Years, It’s a huge idea that would require more then myself. Thus Mach III Software LLC.

Question: Will you hire more Team Members?

Answer: Yes, there will be a lot of positions here at Mach III Software LLC as we build up our client lists and reach our short / long term goals.


No matter who you are or what brough you here, thank you for taking the time to read this. I been passionate about computers and technology all my life. I enjoyed sharing my company’s story and answering some questions I commonly get asked. If you have questions be sure to reach out in a message or contact form.

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