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Currently gathering all bugs, issues and sorting them out. Sorry for the delay many un forseen issues during this launch process which required adjustments to be made. However back to moving forward hope to have most if not all sections for VWH online by the end of this week. Another site in our network X32 Developers will be launched friday this will complete TTC Update for M3S which relies on X32 Developers project base. VWH is expected to be complete or at atleast 80%. Thank you for checking our sites out!

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Active Development

PC MAX Inc, Bloomington, Indiana
Ticket Intake System - T.I.S., ARGO Beta Client

Status: Complete | Working Revisions

Virtual Web-Hosts, Internet Company
Website, Mobile Application, M3S Hosting Partner

Status: Pending XOPS/M3S TTC Update

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Updates incoming...

Posted by, Cyb3rz3r0 about 1 week ago

I have a list of updates hitting on sunday night. This will change the face of our sites. Starting with facebook connect and ending with all basic functions working with services. My goal with ARGO was a status page for customers and clients alike. Our partnership with VWH is causing us to expand how we operate as a software company that incorperates a deep understanding of networks and information tech. Excitment to build cool things is gaining momentum.

Mach III Software LLC Launch!

Posted by, Cyb3rz3r0 about 2 weeks ago

It's been a long time coming the day has finally arrived! Over then next couple months our company will be launching 3 products & offer a range of computer services. You will notice site change on a daily basis as we get closer to Xander Online Publishing System 1.0. Our goal is to provide not just a site to buy services but a place you can share your idea's and possibly get them developed. As we begin the building of ARC3D's first team build I expect more details to emerge on how we plan to handle social privacy and other things that could reduce quality of service. Giving people the tools to build cutting edge spaces is the top of our list. Engaging ecommerce on a 3D platform will change online shopping as we know it today.

Please don't mind the construction dust of new sections. We will always place stable pages before leaving debug mode however some pages may contain errors if they do please report them. If its not on my list of fixes I will give you credit with the find and mention you in XOPS development notes. I hope you enjoy your stay as we orginize everything to the point of efficency.